Thursday, 25 August 2011

Home made Litmus paper

Do you know what is the use of Litmus Paper?  Yes;  it will distinguish Acids and Bases by changing its own color.
Here i am presenting for you a home made Litmus paper.
How ?
For this purpose you only need one Hibiscus flower and one white paper. The flower picture is shown below
Hibiscus flower - The Natural Litmus 

(In my childhood my home garden contains so many  Hibiscus flower plants. whenever I rub this flower in my hand then my hand color  changed to blue.) 
Rub the flower in the white paper , then the color of the paper will change to blue. This is your litmus paper. just pour some drops of acid (you know our Vinegar is also an acid) in the paper;  then you can see the blue color will be  changing to red!!!. Rub again the flower in one another paper and pour some basic solution . what you are observing? write it to me.

Before doing this experiment you must study the specialty  of Hibiscus flower and litmus paper. It will help you to understanding the science behind this experiment. Also study the difference between acids and bases.

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